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Society of Young Professionals

SIAWE / Society of Young Professionals

SYP Mission

The Society of Young Professionals (SYP), operates as a part of SIAWE. It brings together a blend of seasoned business leaders and aspiring young professionals, with a common objective of fostering a connection between these generations. The main aim is to empower and inspire the next wave of Iranian-American professionals.

Members of SYP gain access to a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth. These opportunities include engaging in networking activities, insightful workshops, enjoyable social events, as well as participation in internship and mentorship programs. Additionally, the organization hosts fundraising events to support its mission.

Moreover, SYP takes on the responsibility of introducing Iranian-American youth to the rich cultural heritage, history, and artistic expressions of Persian/Iranian culture. By doing so, the organization aims to foster a deep appreciation for their cultural identity, instill a sense of pride in their heritage, and inspire a lifelong love of learning about the diverse aspects of their cultural background.

We warmly invite you to join our mission, whether you’re an experienced professional, business leader, or fresh workforce talent. Together, let’s bridge the gap between generations and build a vibrant community that empowers, supports, and inspires the future generation of Iranian-Americans.

Your participation and support are invaluable contributions in advancing SYP’s mission and our community’s prosperity for generations to come. Let’s work together to meet these goals. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Angela Ebrahimi


Angela Ebrahimi is a versatile professional with a diverse background encompassing education, event planning, project management, and her current role at her family-owned real estate development company, Ersa Grae Corporation. A Georgetown University alumna, Angela's commitment to education runs deep, as she recognizes its pivotal role in shaping society's future. She is driven by the vision of enhancing the professional landscape for newcomers. As President of the SYP, she aspires to transform it into an invaluable resource for those stepping into the workforce, equipping them with a competitive edge in their respective fields. Angela's dynamic background and passionate aspirations underline her unwavering commitment to both her business and the betterment of the professional community.

Narguess Arjomand

Vice President

Narguess Arjomand has had a successful career in sales and account management in the travel, hospitality, food, and logistics industries. A graduate of Ithaca College in New York with a B.S. in Business Administration, concentrating in International Business & International Marketing, she is a Houstonian who has brought her skills and experience back home. As a former captain of her conference winning collegiate tennis team, she has taken her athleticism to the golf course where she can mix business and sport seamlessly, and competes in tournaments statewide.

Sarah Ebrahimi


Sarah graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance. With a professional background as a former Global HR Manager in the challenging realm of oil and gas, Sarah has mastered the art of fostering harmonious workplaces across different cultures and geographies. Her dedication to promoting collaboration and understanding has left a lasting impact on the organizations she has touched. Sarah embraces challenges through marathons that test her resilience having conquered three Mount Everest equivalents. Her leisure time is spent reading, cooking, and traveling with her family.

Sepideh Sadeghpour


Sepideh Sadeghoour is a dedicated professional with a strong background in healthcare and education. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston, majoring in Nutrition with a Biology minor. With years of experience in healthcare, including work at an infectious disease specialist's office and as a dental assistant for pediatric dentistry, she pursued hygiene studies at Coleman College, graduating in 2013. For the past decade, Sepideh has thrived as a dental hygienist at Houstonian Dental, specializing in adult care. Alongside her career, she actively participates in her children's school, showcasing her commitment to both her profession and community.

Roxana Kouros

Internship Chair

Roxana Kouros is an oil and gas professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She is currently Land Manager for Thyssen Petroleum USA, where she is responsible for contract negotiations, drafting and revising legal documents, asset acquisition, and business development. A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, she earned a BA in Philosophy and Legal Studies. Born in France, raised in Tehran, and now based in Texas, Roxana’s global background informs her work, and she is passionate about using her skills and experience to make a positive impact on the world. With a background in competitive skiing and cycling, and now a National Brand Ambassador for Specialized Bike Components, she combines her passions with her professional pursuits. She is a strong advocate for women in the oil and gas industry and is committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in women’s cycling. She is also an art collector with a focus on Modern & Contemporary art from the Middle East. Roxana has previously served 10 years on the Board of Directors of SIAWE and is excited to be back, spearheading the SYP Internship Program.

Fara Ebrahimy

Member Outreach Chair

Fara Ebrahimy is a seasoned professional serving as the National Account Manager at McGrath Rent Corp. Holding a degree from the University of Houston Bauer College of Business, Fara's career journey has been firmly rooted in her hometown of Houston, reflecting her deep connection to the city. With extensive experience in her field, Fara is poised to make significant contributions as she embarks on her involvement with the SYP. As a dedicated Chair, she is eager to leverage her expertise to drive impactful initiatives and foster growth within the organization.

Ariana Razavi

Marketing Chair

Ariana Razavi is a graduate from Trinity University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentrated in marketing and has a specialization in User Experience Design from Rice University. She is an experienced marketing professional and serves as the Content Designer for Web at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She is passionate about lending her marketing skills and creativity to build a brighter future for SIAWE and the next generation of Iranian-Americans. Outside of office hours, Ariana enjoys cooking with family and friends, and staying active with yoga and weight training.

Raana Arjomand

Social Chair

Raana was born and raised in Houston, minus the 5 years she lived in Costa Rica. She is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations with a minor in Global Business Foundations, followed by a Bachelors of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Previously, she worked as a multi-market public relations practitioner specializing in event planning, community relations, and media relations. Currently, she is a full time dental hygienist and jewelry designer. During her leisure hours, she finds pleasure in both travel and learning new languages. Her present interests encompass creative pursuits as well as active engagement in volunteer work at institutions such as The Children’s Museum of Houston and the Junior League of Houston.

SYP Membership

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Thank you to our past Chairs

Shiva Tavakoli


Shiva Tavakoli, co-founder of Joon Haircare, was raised in the salon world. Her father had a chain of over 150 salons and took her under his wing. Shiva spent summers under the gentle guidance of her Persian grandparents, learning about various Persian spices. After finishing her degree in International Nutrition, Shiva had a vision of applying her passion for ingredients to haircare products, merging ancient Persian traditions with modern chemistry, and Joon Haircare was born. Since its launch, Joon Haircare has amassed a loyal Instagram following of over 31K, been featured in publications such as Allure, PopSugar, Refinery29, Houston Chronicle, is carried by salons/stores throughout the world, and has inspired a following of “Joonies” who love the cultural, educational, and inspirational messages of the brand.

Kayvon Tavakoli

Vice Chair

Kayvon Tavakoli grew up surrounded by two things: haircare and family. After finishing his degree in Psychology, Kayvon made the decision to return to his roots, assuming a place in the family business, and then forging his own path by co-founding Joon Haircare with his sister/best friend Shiva Tavakoli. Wearing the mantle of “Co-Founder of Joon Haircare” as well as “Director of Sales/Marketing for Salon Wholesaler”, one of the largest salon distributors in Texas, Kayvon has utilized his experience to lead both companies into international beauty markets and growth, while creating an award-winning global brand of his own.

Ayda Delpassand

Events and Supporter Outreach Chair

Ayda Delpassand is the Director of Quality and Regulatory Assurance at RadioMedix, a Biotechnology focused on radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy of cancer. She has extensive experience in drug development project management and leading highly effective teams with regard to filings with the FDA i.e Drug Master Files, Investigational New Drug applications (INDs) and drug commercialization. Ayda acquired her B.S in Biology from San Diego State University and M.S. from the University of Southern California in Global Medicine and M.S. in Regulatory Affairs.

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