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Internship Program

SIAWE / Internship Program


The transition from education to the business world can be challenging and at SYP we want to make that shift easier for our members. We understand that experience in the workforce is valuable when looking for a job and how garnering connections during this time is paramount for success. As such the SYP works to support young professionals finishing their education or those just starting to enter the workforce by opening internship opportunities for its members. The ideal candidate will have a direct interest in the field they choose and will use this opportunity to learn from industry leaders as well as make connections with colleagues.



We are looking for businesses to join us in our mission to help build a foundation for growth within this new generation. If you are a business owner or employee whose company would be interested in welcoming an interested intern, click the link for more information on how to be involved.



If you are looking to gain valuable hands-on experience in your field of interest, we are here to help. Follow the link for more information and how to apply.