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About Us

SIAWE / About Us


The Society of Iranian-American Women for Education (SIAWE) was established as a nonprofit charitable corporation under the laws of the State of Texas. The Society does not have any religious or political affiliation and operates by a volunteer board of directors and officers through donations received from the community. SIAWE is dedicated to strengthening relationships and deepening understanding among Iranians and Americans.

A major activity of The Society of Iranian-American Women for Education (SIAWE) is to provide scholarships to qualified college or university students to enhance their educational opportunities. These scholarships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students in various degree programs at Texas colleges and universities.


SIAWE was founded on the belief that an educated society is the cornerstone of a civilized society. As such, the Society facilitates access to post-secondary education to Texas students in good academic standing who otherwise would not have the financial means to achieve their educational and career goals.

The Society also aims to honor and preserve cultural traditions among Iranian youth, families and the community through educational and cultural events to inspire learning, foster personal growth, and build community bridges.


SIAWE’s vision is to empower students and the community to acquire, demonstrate, articulate, and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute responsibly to the global world.

To those who share this vision, SIAWE offers opportunities to participate in its realization through financial and in-kind support, and volunteerism.

Board Members (2021-2023)

  1. Ms. Nazey Azimpoor (Vice President)
  2. Ms. Roshanak Azimpoor
  3. Dr. Parvin Bagherpour (President)
  4. Dr. Fatan Kasbidi (Co-Secretary)
  5. Ms. Sima Ladjevardian
  6. Dr. Sara Saderion (Treasurer)
  1. Ms. Ida Sameri (Marketing Chair)
  2. Ms. Farnoush Forotan Stratulate (Vice President – Programming)
  3. Ms. Sombol Sharifian (Assistant Treasurer)
  4. Ms. Shiva Tavakoli (Chair, Society of Young Professionals)
  5. Mrs. Jocelyn Zamir (Co-Secretary)

Board Members (2018-2020)

  1. Ms. Nazey Azimpoor (Vice President)
  2. Ms. Roshanak Azimpoor
  3. Dr. Parvin Bagherpour (President)
  4. Ms. Parry Kahkeshani
  5. Dr. Fatan Kasbidi (Co-Secretary)
  6. Ms. Roxana Kouros
  1. Ms. Sima Ladjevardian
  2. Dr. Mahtash Moussavi
  3. Ms. Shoaleh Nosrati
  4. Dr. Sara Saderion (Treasurer)
  5. Ms. Sombol Sharifian (Assistant Treasurer)
  6. Mrs. Jocelyn Zamir (Co-Secretary)
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